e e hippo

We’re celebrating one of our favorite mammals today! Come learn some fun facts about hippos and enjoy a hippo coloring sheet!!

  • Hippopotamuses means “river horse” in Greek.
  • They spend up to 16 hours a day in water!
  • Hippos are herbivores.
  • Hippos can hold their breath for 5 minutes.
  • Their nostrils,ears and eyes are located on top of their heads. They can be mostly submerged with their nose and eyes above water.
  • Hippos sweat a pink liquid to help them keep cool and it acts as  a sunblock when they are out of water.
  • They can eat up to 80 lbs of vegetation a day!
  • They do have large incisors made of ivory.
  • Hippos are very territorial.
  • Hippos can run up to 30 mph on land!
  • There are two species, the hippopotamus and the pygmy hippo!
  • Hippos closest living relative is the whale!

Hippos are amazing creatures. We are partial to the pygmy because they are so cute! There are even hippos who surf in the ocean off the coast of Gabon! Pretty cool!

hippo coloring sheet

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