Day 28- Brown Kiwi

Day #28 (3/14/2014) Brown Kiwi

      We just loved snorkeling yesterday! We hoped a plane to New Zealand to find an iconic bird that everyone knows and loves. We have never seen a one in person, or elephant and horse as you may have it. We spent the afternoon with our binoculars and Edmond almost passed out when we spotted our bird! He is just excitable sometimes! Seeing the brown kiwi inspired me to draw!

e e grasslands

       Their range/habitat: New Zealand/ forest-grassland

      Their length/weight: 20-26”/ 3 ¼-8 ¾ lb  Conservation Status: Endangered

      Their diet: Omnivore:  insects, fruits


  • Brown Kiwis are flightless.
  • Brown kiwis have very tiny wings.
  • They have long skinny bills, up to 6”.
  • Brown kiwis use their bills to get food from the ground.
  • Brown kiwis lay very large eggs.
  • They are related to cassowaries and emus.

kiwi2    kiwi3

How adorable are these funny looking little birds! That’s right animals can be funny looking and cute at the same time! Did you know that native New Zealanders call themselves kiwis?  Sadly kiwis are endangered. There is a great organization called Kiwis for Kiwi that are working to protect these iconic birds!


 kiwi coloring

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2 thoughts on “Day 28- Brown Kiwi

  1. Handsome devil…. I am also flightless. But it’s not for lack of trying….

    Love and licks,

  2. Oh that must be where kiwi fruit got its name. So a kiwi sharing a kiwi with a kiwi. Hehe..

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