Day 29- Web Footed Gecko

Day #29 (3/18/2014) Web Footed Gecko

      We decided to head to Africa for the week! We headed to the Sahara desert on our first day to find a special little reptile. After settling in to camp and making sure all our stuff was bagged up to keep it sand free. We grab our hats, mud sunscreen and binoculars and headed out on today’s adventure! It took us a while to find the Web Footed Gecko, but we did find it!

e e desert

       Their range/habitat: Western Southern Africa/desert

      Their length/weight: 4 ¾ -5 ½”  Conservation Status: common

      Their diet: Carnivore: insects

web footed gecko

  • Web Footed Geckos are pink with dark markings.
  • They have webbed feet that helps them run across the sand.
  • Web Footed Geckos have large eyes.
  • They dig long tunnels in the sand for shelter.
  • They drink water that condenses on their skin overnight.
  • Web footed geckos have wide range of vocalizations.

web footed gecko2

These teeny little geckos were hard to spot! They blend right in to their desert homes! They have such amazing adaptations for living in a harsh habitat. We sure were tired after spending the day in the hot desert. We were happy that we bought plenty of water and hay snacks.

-Ellie  and Edmond

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2 thoughts on “Day 29- Web Footed Gecko

  1. Cute desert guy. I think I would like the desert. As soon as my feet touch sand, I start running.

    Love and licks,

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