Day 34- Pigeon Guillemot

Day #34 (4/11/2014) Pigeon Guillemot
We might just be in love with the coastline of the Pacific Northwest! There are so many animals to see and observe! We noticed these cute little black birds on the cliffs where we spent the day looking at tide pools. Turns out these birds are related to puffins and we love puffins!

e e coast
Their range/habitat: Alaska to California/rocky coasts
Their length/weight: 13 ½”/ 1 lb Conservation Status: common
Their diet: Carnivore: fish and invertebrates

pigeon gall3


• Pigeon Guillemots have bright red/orange feet.
• Pigeon guillemots dive to catch their phones.
• They have bright/orange coloration inside their mouths too.
• Both male and females incubate the eggs.
• Pigeon guillemots have long straight bills.
• They have a white patch on their side.
• Pigeon guillemots have webbed feet with claws.

pigeon gall2    pigeon gall






We had the best time learning about the animals of the coasts here! We really enjoyed watching these birds dive for their meals. Whosh! Splash! Yum!

-Ellie and Edmond


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2 thoughts on “Day 34- Pigeon Guillemot

  1. They dive to catch phones? Wait! What? I’ve been begging Mom to get me my own phone! What’s up?

    Love and licks,

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