We almost missed celebrating one of Edmond’s distant cousins the tapir! These funny looking mammals have a slightly long nose and round body! As babies they have spots all over them that make them look like inside out watermelons- hehehehe! We have a coloring sheet for you and a reposting of the We Are Fanimaly!



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4 thoughts on “WORLD TAPIR DAY!

  1. Yay, Tapirs!! My person used to be a tour guide at an Animal Refuge, and they had Tapirs! 😊

    • Really? That is super cool! You must tweet us pics! What refuge did she work at?

      • It was back in 2001, so no pics still 😔 At Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge (now a full-fledged zoo), in Salina, Kansas! It was started as one man’s private collection, focused on the more endangered species out there, then became an official refuge that tried to educate about over-breeding for cuteness (like inbred white tigers) and habitat preservation. She drove a tram around and talked about the animals!

      • That is super cool! What a great job!

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