Today we’re talking trash! That’s right- we’re talking about the trash that you humans throw into our oceans! It’s World’s Oceans Day today! We want to celebrate the giant wonderful habitat that covers 70% of our precious planet! The great vast oceans are home to many beautiful, amazing, wild and alien creatures; many of whom have yet to be discovered. Our oceans produce most of the oxygen that we all breath- animals and humans alike!


It’s time we all learn to appreciate and love the oceans and the creatures that live there! Unfortunately, our oceans have become a place to leave trash :(. This trash affects not just the animals, but humans too. So this World’s Oceans Day we’re sharing some trash facts from the Ocean Conservancy and ways you can help! Plus we have a great coloring sheet for you! Remember, we all share this great planet and it’s our responsibility to keep it clean!


Did you hear the story about the 19 year old who has figured out how to get rid of our oceans’ trash? Read it here!


Finally- print and color and share this message with everyone you know!

We all have to work together to Keep Our Oceans Clean!!!

keep oceans clean coloring

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One thought on “WORLD OCEANS DAY- TRASH!!!!

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    We REALLY DO need to take care of our planet. Its the only one we have !!!!!!!

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