Day 36- Secretary Bird

Day 36- Secretary Bird

e & e safari van

We woke up this morning at camp and saw these amazing cool birds running around in the cool temperatures. We quickly ran to our guide book and realized we were watching the magnificent secretary bird.  We watch them all morning. These long legged birds are graceful and funny and so interesting…


Range/Habitat: Sub-Saharan Africa/grasslands, desert and savannahs

Diet: Carnivore: snakes, large insects, frogs, lizards and small mammals

Height/Weight: 4 ½ ft-5ft/ 5 ½ – 10lb

Conservation Status: Common

secretary bird2

  • Secretary birds are diurnal (they’re active during the day) and nests in Acacia trees at night.
  • They have long powerful legs that they use for striking prey.
  • It’s thought that they were named after English secretaries because the crests on their heads look like quills that secretaries used to write with, but it’s now thought that is it comes from an Arabic word meaning “hunter bird”.
  • Secretary birds walk more than they fly. They can walk up to 15 miles a day in search of food.
  • It is admired in Africa for its hunting skills, especially its ability to kill venomous snakes.
  • It’s even part of the Coat of Arms for South Africa.

secretary bird

The Secretary bird is one excellent predator! We love a bird that walks all day (elephants walk lots too).

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