Edmond photo bombing a seagull

Edmond photo bombing a seagull

We’re BACK!! Our computer here at HQs is working like new! Whew!  It is very hard to type with hooves and a trunk as it is, so when it started acting crazy we were in big trouble! Luckily, it was fixed in time for Edmond’s birthday! We thought we’d share some fun facts about our favorite horse and horses in general and then you can color your own Edmond! If you download the coloring sheet, share your artwork with us!

edmond unicorn

Full name: Edmond J. Horse

Born in Colorado

Favorite accesory: his red bandana

Favorite activity: eating apples and dancing

Favorite color: red

Edmond is always up for an adventure, mischief and general silliness. He keeps us laughing here at HQs!

e e hanging

Here are some fun facts about horses:

  • We can sleep laying down or standing up!
  • We can see 360 degrees around us!
  • We can reach speeds up to 27 mph.
  • There are around 60 million of us on the earth!
  • We’re herbivores.
  • We have the largest eye of any land mammal- yes my eyes are bigger than Ellie’s!
  • We are related to rhinos and tapirs!


We horses come in large breeds to very small miniature sizes. We have worked and helped humans for thousands of years. Horses are very special and if you have one in your life, count yourself as very lucky! I’m going to enjoy some apple pie and dancing for my birthday, come join me! And please share your coloring sheet when you are done! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter!

edmond coloring sheet

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4 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDMOND!!!

  1. happy birthday edmond – have a great day! *hugs*

  2. Happy birthday! Yay you’re back! Missed you!

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