Happy World Tiger Day! We’re ready to celebrate these gorgeous striped cats! There are so many things to love about tigers, so we’ll just name a few! These majestic big cats are endangered though. We’ll tell you about a few places where you can help!


  • All tigers live in Asia.
  • There are 6 subspecies of tigers; Bengal, Siberian (Amur), Sumatran, Indo-Chinese, Malayan and South China.
  • Tigers are the largest of all living cats.
  • Tigers are carnivores.
  • Those famous stripe pattern goes all the way to their skin.
  • Adult tigers have 30 teeth!
  • Tigers range in size from about 4 1/2 feet to 9 feet.
  • Tigers are solitary.

tiger adaptations

We just love tigers! There numbers are dropping drastically in the wild! There are only a few thousand left! It’s important on this World Tiger Day that we learn how we can help conserve tigers! You can “adopt” a tiger from World Wildlife Fund or Defenders of Wildlife. Another great organization that rescues tigers who are kept as pets or used in circuses is Big Cat Rescue in Florida! Check them out and see all the work they do help!


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One thought on “WORLD TIGER DAY!

  1. Those tigers look beautiful. And cuddly…. Wait. What?

    Love and licks,

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