Hippos and Whales!

As we work on new We Are Fanimalys- here’s another one you made of missed!


It’s another installment of We Are Fanimaly! Come learn who’s related to who!
That’s right everyone- hippos and whales are related to each other. This is recent discovery thanks to DNA. Scientist don’t have a full understanding of this relationship and it’s evolutionary timeline, but we think it is super cool!


• Hippopotamus means river horse.
• Hippos have clear membranes that help them see under water.
• Hippos cannot swim. They actually walk along riverbeds.
• Hippos “sweat” a red/pink mucus that helps keep their skin moist.
• Hippos spend most of their day in water and their nights on land grazing.
• Hippos are social animals and live in herds.
• Hippos have large canine and incisor teeth.
• Scientist have discovered in recent years that hippos sing songs underwater.

• Whales are marine mammals.
• Blue whales are the largest mammal on earth.
• Orcas or Killer whales are actually the largest member of the dolphin family.
Whales are carnivores.
• There are toothed whales and baleen whales.
• Toothed whales are smaller than baleen whales.
• Some whales, like the humpback sing songs to communicate with each other.
• Some whales use echolocation to find food.
• Many whales and dolphins are social animals.

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One thought on “Hippos and Whales!

  1. Singing animals are cool. Mom howls at me a lot, trying to make me sing. It doesn’t work. She’s ridiculous.

    Love and licks,

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