Let us tell you, crows and their kin are some smart birds! They can do things you couldn’t even imagine! These clever birds are thought of as a bit scary at times, even in a group they are called a murder! We have a professor the University that is a crow- and he is a smart one, but so far not scary at all! Whew!

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Range/Habitat: Worldwide/ farmland, parks, woodlands, suburbs
Diet: Omnivore: insects, carrion, seeds, eggs
Length/Weight: 16-21”/11-22 oz
Conservation Status: Common


Fun Facts:
• New Caledonian Crows use tools. They have also been known to make tools.
• One group of crows has learned to place nuts in the street and have cars crush open the nuts. They wait til the red light appears and then get their prize.
• They hide and store food and must remember where they stored it.
• Crows have a variety of calls and vocalizations. These calls vary by the region that the crows live in.
• Crows have been known to answer the calls of other species of birds.
• They can recognize human faces and remember them years later.
• Crows almost always live near humans.
• They can be very sneaky. One group of crows will even pull up fishing lines left by ice fishermen.







Crows are super smart! We can’t believe that they even recognize human faces, check out the study here! Not only could these birds remember the researchers, they eventually taught other crows that those researchers posed a threat! Wow! Remind us not to make any crows in our neighborhood mad! Here’s a video of the crows in Japan using cars to crack nuts! That is one smart cookie!

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  1. Frankly, when I saw this title, I expected to see a picture of myself! #disappointed. But I can see why you chose the crow. What a smarty pants! Once I got stuck behind the chair in the living room.

    Love and licks,

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