We’ve traveled to the Western Pacific Ocean, near Australia today to meet our creepy crawly Feature Animal. Yesterday was also World Octopus Day- so we knew we had to track down this elusive creature. It wasn’t easy to spot this cephalopod, but we did!

e & e snorkeling


blue ringed octopus

Range/Habitat: Marine shallows, coral reefs/Western Pacific Ocean
Diet: Carnivore: crabs, fish, mollusks
Length/Weight: 5-7 1/2″/26 g
Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:
• Blue ringed octopuses are known to hide in caves, crevices and trash, such as bottles and cans.
• They are diurnal (hunt during the day).
•Blue ringed octopuses are shy!
• Blue ringed octopuses are extremely toxic. Their venom is more toxic than any land animal.
• They are not normally aggressive towards humans.
• They have rough wrinkly skin.
• Blue ringed octopuses display their famous blue spots when they feel threatened. This is called warning coloration.
• They are invertebrates.
• Blue ringed octopuses are considered intelligent.
blue ringed octopus3We love octopuses! They are such amazing creatures and so smart! Have you ever seen one solve a puzzle in an aquarium? Here’s a video of one opening a jar to get dinner! You humans are no match for our big brains- said all octopus :)!


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One thought on “FEATURE ANIMAL!

  1. That guy is gorgeous! Mom bought a new shirt with polka-dots. They are not half as pretty as the octopus-dots.

    Love and licks,

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