We’re Talking Turkey

We’re Talking Turkey!

e e turkey

We’re talking turkeys today! We love these amazing birds! Wild turkeys are often under appreciated if you ask us! Come learn some fun facts about turkeys!


  • Turkeys live in North America. They are found throughout the U.S.
  • Turkeys can fly! They have around 5-6 thousand feathers!
  • Male turkeys are more colorful than females. Males have the beards and the big fanned out tail.
  • Male turkeys are called gobblers and females are called hens.
  • Turkeys can run up to 25 mph!
  • Turkeys can fly up to 55 mph! Who knew?
  • Baby turkeys are called poults!
  • Turkeys live in open areas and woodland habitats.
  • Turkeys are omnivores. They eat nuts, seeds and insects.
  • By the early 1900s there were only 30,000 turkeys in North America, but with conservation efforts there around 7 million wild turkeys today!
  • You can hear a turkey’s call up to a mile and half away! Wow!








We bet you had no idea how cool wild turkeys real are! We hope you’ll have a better appreciation for these majestic birds! We know we sure do! Let’s go Turkeys!!

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One thought on “We’re Talking Turkey

  1. thenoveilst

    Charming creature 🙂

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