national bird day

We are so excited to be back! We hope you like the new bold look of our website! Look for more graphics and pictures too! We’re kicking off the year with National Bird Day! Let’s learn some cool facts about ancient and modern birds!

  • The largest bird egg ever was laid by the extinct Elephant Bird.
Elephant bird egg on right next to an ostrich egg.

Elephant bird egg on right next to an ostrich egg.

  • The largest egg known today is laid by the ostrich.
  • The oldest known bird lived 150 million years ago and was called the Archaeopteryx.Archaeopteryx
  • Kiwi and penguins are flightless birds.

We can fly underwater!


I have no wings!


  • About 1/5 of a bird’s weight consists of air sacs.
  • Bird bones are hollow inside.
  • There are 9,865 species of birds today! WOW!!
  • Birds have no teeth!
bird beak

See- no teeth!


  • Hammerkop males build large nests to attract a mate!




We just love birds! They come in so many sizes and colors! They can fly! They can swim! They can dive! Birds are so diverse and amazing! Do you have a favorite bird? We were the proud adopters of a snowy plover this holiday! He’s quiet the fantastic feathery friend!


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One thought on “NATIONAL BIRD DAY!!

  1. I did not know that kiwis have no wings.

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