red footed booby3

Did everyone get our We Spy animal yesterday? It was the Blue Footed Booby, one of our most favorite birds! Today we’re near the Galapagos Islands and we’re meeting a the Red Footed Booby! Those blue footed birds get the spotlight often, but we were really interested in meeting their sea going cousins! Come join us as we find these amazing birds!

e e galapagos

Habitat/Range: Tropical/subtropical Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans

map map2

Weight/Length: 30-39 oz/25-30″

Diet: Carnivore: fish, squid

Conservation Status: least concern

red footed booby4

Fun Facts:

  • Red footed boobies are the smallest member of the booby bird family.
  • They feed at sea, but nest and land in coastal areas.
  • Red footed boobies can dive up to 98 ft in to the water to catch their prey.
  • Red footed boobies can close their nostrils when diving!
  • They live in large groups called colonies.
  • Red footed boobies do not migrate.
  • Both male and female red footed boobies take care of the egg and chick.
  • Red footed boobies can live up to 20 years!

red footed booby2   red footed booby

These birds had us laughing! They are quiet loud and playful as a group! Those red feet are hard to miss! We giggle every time we see them!

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  1. If he claps his feet together, does he go back to Oz?? 😉

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