Today is Learn about Butterflies day! So who wants to learn about these amazing insects? We know we love them!


  • Butterflies are insects.
  • They have six legs, two antenna and a segmented body.

butterfly body parts

  • They have 4 wings. Those wings are covered in tiny scales.

butterfly scales

  • Butterflies have a 4 stage life cycle; egg, larva (caterpillars), pupa (chrysalis) and adult.
  • Female butterflies lay their eggs on plants.
  • Most caterpillars are herbivores, where as their adult form the butterfly is a nectar eater.
  • Butterflies use proboscis to eat the nectar.
  • There are around 20,000 species of butterflies.
  • Butterflies are found on all continents except Antarctica.

IMG_0703    IMG_0699













Trivia answer: 11 inches

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  1. i’ve seen brimstones, small tortoiseshells and a comma butterfly this week – they’re my favourite insect!

  2. dangrdafne

    20,000 butterfly species?? I had no idea. I wonder how many I have seen in my life time. Butterflies fascinate me. I could watch them for hours. I remember going through a butterfly house in Epcot DisneyWorld once. It was amazing.

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