We’re feeling a little green today!

We’re feeling a little green today!


Happy St Patrick’s Day! In honor of celebrating all things green today we’ve found some fun animals with green in their name to share with you! Do you have a favorite green animal? Come meet some of ours!

green basilisk

Green Basilisk Lizard The natives to Central America are excellent swimmers.

green sea turtle

Green sea turtles get their names for their greenish colored skin.

emerald tree boa

Emerald tree boas have prehensile tails.

green iguana

Green iguanas can jump from trees as high as 40 feet in the air and land safely on the ground.

green tree frog

Green tree frogs are native to the Southeastern United States.

green parakeet

Green parakeets are herbivores!

great green macaw

The Great Green Macaw lives in small family groups in Central America!

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One thought on “We’re feeling a little green today!

  1. Dangrdafne

    That green tree frog is quite adorable. Mocha asks if green bananas count as a favorite green “animal”? 😉

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