Hi everyone! We know that today is typically Science Word of the Week, but we have some big plans this week- including Earth Day and Save the Frogs Day, so we’d thought it would be fun to do a We Are Fanimaly, and we included Professor Tamandua!


That’s right, sloths and tamanduas/anteaters are related!

  • Both sloths and tamanduas live in South America.
  • Tamanduas/anteaters have long tongues to eat insects.
  • Sloths are herbivores.
  • Sloths live in trees and rarely come down to the ground.
  • Large anteaters live on the ground, but tamanduas are climbers.
  • They are both related to armadillos too as part of the Xenarthra family!
  • They all have a unique backbone to help them support themselves when digging and climbing.
  • At one point there was a giant ground sloth! Super cool!
  • The origin of this family is around 59 million years old!

Who knew these amazing animals were related? We love sloths and of course tamanduas rank high with us too! Do you have a favorite Xenarthra?

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2 thoughts on “WE ARE FANIMALY!!

  1. dangrdafne

    Is Xenarthra a SuperHero? What a cool name. We like sloths in our house.. and no it isn’t because we become like them on weekends 😉

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