We’re on vacation- so we wanted to share a post from a few years ago with you!

We want to explain a bit more about endangered species and have you meet a few animals who have success stories!

e & e eco explorers

First, what is an endangered species? Well, that is a complicated answer. The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) is an International group that is made up of scientist, conservation organizations and governments from all over the world. They work on conservation issues all around the globe and help determine populations of animals. They have ranking system that starts at Data Deficient and goes to Critically Endangered to Extinct. Individual countries sometimes have their own ranking system and that here in the U.S. started with the Endangered Species Act. It lists animals who need protection or help due to low populations. When an animal is put on the endangered species list, it helps people protect their habitat and their population.

We often hear so many negative stories when it comes to endangered species and we wanted to share some success stories! We can make a difference and we can help protect critical habitats and the animals who live there!

Peregrine Falcons

At one time there were just 324 pairs of these fast fliers left, but now there are over 1,700 pairs*!

perigrin falcon

Sea Otters

These adorable otters have gone from 1,700 individuals to over 2,700 due to protecting their habitat and rehabilitation efforts by places like the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

sea otter

Hawaiian Goose

The state bird of Hawaii has gone from just 400 birds to several thousand due to captive breeding programs that reintroduce the birds in their habitats!

hawaiian goose

Gray Whale

These giants of the ocean are protected from hunting internationally and have seen their numbers grow under that protection. They now number in the 30,000s!

gray whale

*Numbers from biologicaldiversity.org

We love sharing animal success stories! You can make a difference when it comes to helping endangered species. You can  get involved with local and global conservation organizations. You can participate in a habitat clean up. You can recycle, reduce your trash and reuse items. You can take a trip to your local AZA accredited zoo or aquarium, all of which not only work with the animals they house, but with wild populations. Lastly, share your passion and love of animals with everyone you know!

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