Today we celebrate Biodiversity on our planet! E-E earth

We’re super excited to celebrate International Biodiversity Day! Not sure what biodiversity is? Check out Professor Tamandua’s explanation here!

Each habitat on earth is made up of many different living organisms and all of those organisms (plants, animals and fungus) rely on each other. If we loose the biodiversity in many habitats, then we could lose most of the species there.

Here’s a great example: Southern Sea Otters live off the coast of California. They live near kelp forests. When sea otter numbers dropped, the purple sea urchin (an otter’s favorite food) population grew. Purple sea urchins then began to eat the kelp and it began to disappear. Many other fish, crustaceans and other animals are dependent on that kelp for shelter and food.  So see, without the otters the habitat is out of balance. As otter populations have come back so have the health of the kelp forest.


To learn more about what you can do to celebrate this important day- Check out the Convention of Biological Diversity Website.   When we think of our earth’s habitats as whole living organisms we can not just protect one species, but many!

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  1. dangrdafne

    Just like if we eat all the bananas at home, we have very sad monkeys.
    Ok, it’s not really the same but a very interesting topic nonetheless 🙂

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