Since we’ve been talking about symbiosis and mutualism this week we’d thought we’d introduce you to a great pair of animals! The shark and the remora!

IMG_8816Remora Fun Facts:

  • Remora’s dorsal fin that sucks on to the shark they are following.
  • They live in tropical ocean waters.
  • There are 8 species of remoras.
  • Some remoras like to attach to specific species.

remora    IMG_2778







  • They must attach to their host to get enough oxygen to pass over their gills.
  • The remoras eat parasites and dead skin off their host and pick up any scraps the host may leave behind.
  • The shark is cleaned of parasites.
  • Some remoras live in the gills of fish.


Answer: True!

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One thought on “THAT’S REMORA!

  1. dangrdafne

    Ooo I think this is my answer to my question in the other post 🙂

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