As we sat around the camp fire last night spinning the tale of the Ghost Tiger, a curious visitor came and sat down next to us. At first we were alarmed but as he told us his story we found him to be fascinating and we wanted to share his story with you!


I’m Cody, the Coyote. I live here in the woods next to Lake Salamander. I like to howl at night to let the other coyotes known I’m around. Many people think I’m scary, but I’m not. I’m a part of this habitat as much as are the birds, the squirrels and the skunks. There are many other critters here too and we all have our role. I am predator and a member of the canine family. I am often called clever and Native Americans told stories of my ancestors. We have adapted to life all over North America and I have cousins all in rural, suburban and urban habitats.

I have keen sense of smell and excellent eyesight! My large ears help me listen for threats and for prey. When I walk only my toes hit the ground. This helps me ambush my prey and hide from other animals. I do live with my family. I live with my female and I help her take care of our cubs in the den that we share.


I can run up to 40 mph and if you want to know where my territory is, just smell around- I pee around to mark it! I am more afraid of people than you think. I and the rest of my pack just want to live our lives along side all the other creatures of the forest. Next time you hear me hoooooowl at the moon, howl back and say hellooooooooo! We coyotes are pretty cool!

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