World Elephant Day is here again! We have some great fun facts, photos and resources on how you can help elephants! Tomorrow we’ll learn who the We Spy was and more about the elephants closest relative in a brand new We Are Fanimaly!



  • There are two species of elephants- Asian and African (Ellie).
  • Only male Asian elephants have tusks.
  • Both female and male African have tusks.
  • Tusks are modified teeth that are made of ivory.
  • All elephants are herbivores.
  • Elephants are the largest land animal on earth.
  • Elephants walk on their tip toes.
  • African elephants can walk up to 50 miles a day.
  • Elephants live in family groups that are made up of females, their female relatives and their offspring. The group is led by the oldest female.
  • Adult male elephants live a solitary live.
  • Elephants use their ears to cool off.

IMG_3476   IMG_3460








On this World Elephant Day we must remember that 96 elephants are killed everyday for their ivory! We can take a stand! Join us and others at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s page dedicated to helping elephants! Lend your voice! Make a video of you stomping for elephants– like ours!

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