Hello! I am Baxter the Blue Footed Booby and I am the new professor of birds here at the University of Ellie and Edmond. I’m going to tell you a bit about myself today!

I hail from the Galapagos Islands which are located off the coast of South America in the Pacific Islands.
I am sea bird. I fly far off the coast of the islands looking for my favorite foods, anchovies. We Blue footed boobies are excellent divers. Luckily, the University keeps a supply for me in the cafeteria.
My favorite thing to do in the world, is dance! I use my famous blue feet to attract female blue footed boobies! We apparently looked funny to the Spanish explorers who first saw us. The word Booby is thought to come from the Spanish word “bobo”- meaning “stupid”. I’ll admit we are bit silly looking when we dance, but it sure is fun!
I’ll be sharing my knowledge of birds here at the University with all of our new students! Besides giving you the basics, we’ll be meeting bird species from all around the world! I’m excited to share the world of all of my feathery friends!

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