Who’s ready to meet an amazing primate- a prosimian!  Well, they are primates, but they don’t have all the adaptations that monkeys and apes do! Prosimians include, lemurs and aye-ayes! Are you ready to meet this furry primate?


Range/Habitat: Central-Southern Africa/woodlands

Diet: Omnivore: fruit, tree sap, insects

Length/Weight: 10-16”/2 ¼-4 ½ lbs

Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  • Brown Greater Galagos are the largest of the galago family.
  • Brown Greater galagos are also known as Thick-tailed Bush babies.
  • They are called bush babies because of their childlike cries.
  • They are nocturnal (active at night) and have large eyes and ears that help them navigate and find food in the dark.
  • Brown Greater galagos are arboreal (spend most of their time in trees).
  • Brown Greater galagos have strong feet with pads to help them climb and jump.
  • They have brownish-grey fur.


Wow, these little primates have perfect adaptations for a life in the trees! But you won’t see one unless you are willing to head into the woods at night. Is anyone up for a nighttime adventure? Bring your night vision goggles and let’s go!

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