Meet a Giant!

Meet a Giant!

e e deep sea

We are celebrating Cephalopod Appreciation Week with a giant- a giant squid that is! We are super excited to share some great facts about these amazing creatures!

giant squid

There isn’t much known about these mysterious animals, but what we do know is fascinating!

  • Giant squid inhabit the deep oceans all over the world.IMG_0194
  • Giant squid are the largest invertebrates in the world!
  • They can growth up to 60 feet in length and weigh almost a 1,000 lbs! WOW!
  • Giant squids are carnivores, they eat squid, fish and maybe even small whales.
  • It wasn’t until 2006, that researchers took a picture of a live giant squid!
  • Giant squid have eight arms and two tentacles that use to get food.


  • Like other squid, they have sharp beaks to eat their prey.
  • The only known predator of a giant squid is the sperm whale.
  • Giant squid arms have small suction cups that have serrated edges to help them catch their prey! Just imagine a cup with a rim like a knife! Ouch!


Wowzers! Giant squid are just mind blowing! There have been tales told of these “monsters” for hundreds of years told by sailors! Luckily these deep sea dwellers aren’t out hunting boats! The oceans are full of animals that we have know so little about!


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