Eight is Great!

World Octopus Day!


Woohoo- we’re celebrating thew wonderful and intelligent Octopus today! With eight great arms to hug you with- we couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up Cephalopod Appreciation Week!

Let’s learn some fun facts about octopus and print our coloring sheet!


  • There are over 100 species of octopus in the world’s oceans.
  • The Blue-ringed octopus has venom that can paralyze an adult human.
  • Octopuses are known to use tools.
  • Octopuses are masters of camouflage.
  • A common octopus has 240 suckers on each arm.
  • The oldest known octopus fossil found is 296 million years old.
  • Octopuses have 3 hearts.
  • The word octopus comes from a Greek word that means, eight foot.
  • Octopuses have blue blood.








octopus coloring

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