We’re going batty around the University this week! Today we’re off to Honduras in Central America to meet a super cute bat!

honduran bat

  • Honduran white bats live in tropical forests.IMG_0207
  • Honduran white bats make their homes by cutting leaves to create an upside down tent.
  • Honduran white bats have unusual white fur.
  • When the sunlight hits their tent it casts a green light on the bat helping camouflage!
  • Like other bats, they are nocturnal.
  • They are 1-2 inches long and weigh around .2 oz.
  • These small bats have no tails.
  • Honduran white bats eat fruit, unlike most other small bats.IMG_5220
  • These bats are listed as Near Threatened, mainly due to habitat loss.

honduran bat2

These adorable little bats have funny faces. They make us smile. Who knew that bats came in other colors besides brown and black?

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