We’re super excited for Lemur Mania- Part 2!!

IMG_5365This is our pal Less the Ring Tailed Lemur!

lemur8All lemurs, like this Diademed Sifaka live on the island of Madagascar on the east coast of Africa.

indriThe Indri is the largest species of lemur!

crowned lemurEach species of lemurs occupy a different niche of Madagascar. This crowned lemur lives in the dry deciduous forest.

collard brown lemurThe Brown collared brown lemur is a frugivore.

black lemurThis is a female black lemur, the male is all black.  Not all species of lemurs have females and males that look different.

aye ayeThe Aye-Aye is one of the strangest looking lemurs. They are nocturnal and have long skinny fingers they use to get grubs out of the holes of trees!

Wow! The more we learn about lemurs the more amazed we are by them! From the cute to the bizarre looking, each species is special!

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