This week we are meeting some cold weather loving animal friends! We’re off today to meet one adorable bird who lives up in the cold near the arctic circle.

e e ear muffs


Range/Habitat: North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans from Northern Europe-Iceleand-Newfoundland / ocean and rocky coasts

Diet:  Carnivore: fish, mollusks, crustaceans

Length/Weight: 11-12”/ 1 lb

Conservation Status: Vulnerable


Fun Facts:

  • The Atlantic Puffin is a highly social bird that lives in large colonies on rocky coasts and islands.
  • They have bright orange beaks that are brighter during mating season. They also have bright orange feet. They’ve been called the “sea parrot” because of their bright coloration.
  • Male and female Atlantic Puffins incubate eggs.
  • Atlantic Puffins spend their winters out in the open ocean.
  • They are excellent swimmers and divers. They can dive up to 200 ft deep
  • Atlantic Puffins can fly unlike penguins.


  • They can catch several fish at one time.
  • Atlantic Puffins are the Provincial (official) bird of Newfoundland, Canada.
  • Although they look like those flightless birds the penguin, puffins are not related to them.







Atlantic Puffins sure are snappy looking birds with their bright orange beaks and feet! And they can fly and swim! We wish we could fly and swim!

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