Raptor Down Under

Raptor Down Under

e e coast

As you learned yesterday we are talking about raptors this week! Today is also Australia Day, so we decided to combine our celebrations and meet a gorgeous bird of prey from Australia!

white bellied sea hawk

  • White-bellied sea eagle can be 35 inches long, weight 10 lbs with a wingspan of over 7 ft.
  • They are carnivores. They eat sea snakes, fish and turtles and carrion. They are known to steal prey from other birds.
  • White-bellied sea eagles live in coastal areas.
  • They mate for life.
  • Before mating, a pair does amazing acrobatic displays while flying together.
  • They can be territorial.
  • White-bellied sea eagles holds it wings in a v shape when flying.


  • They are known for their loud honking call that sounds like a goose.
  • White-bellied sea eagles can live for up to 30 years.


white bellied sea hawk2white bellied sea hawk3

These gorgeous eagles are so fun to watch fly and catch fish! We have a special little Australia Day Bonus for you too- a koala coloring sheet!

koala coloring sheet

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One thought on “Raptor Down Under

  1. dangrdafne

    That is a gorgeous bird! I wonder if there are videos of them flying if I google it.

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