We’re off to meet one more need member of the crab family! This strange looking little creature is one wild crab!

arrowhead crab3

  • Arrow crabs live in the tropical oceans near reefs.
  • Arrow crabs are carnivores- they eat duster worms and small invertebrates.
  • They have long thin legs, with some species that have legs reaching up to 10inches.
  • They are also known as the spider crab.
  • Males are larger than females.
  • Arrow crabs have long thin, bumpy carapaces.


  • Arrow crabs are nocturnal.
  • They are very territorial.
  • Arrow crabs will molt their exoskeleton when they grow larger!

arrowhead crab2

arrowhead crab







We love these crazy looking crabs! We bet you thought they were a weird spider too! Neat aren’t they?


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2 thoughts on “Arrows!

  1. Dangrdafne

    My least favorite animal of all time is the daddy long legs…well it has a tie now with this arrow crab that looks just like a waterlogged daddy long legs. *shivers*

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