The Lonely Anglerfish

Deep in the depths of the dark ocean lives an angler fish, a lonely one! We’ve written a poem about her!


We challenge our campers to try an write a poem about one of their favorite ocean dwelling animals!

The Lonely Anglerfish

There was once was an lonely anglerfish
Who only had just one wish

She wished and she wished
She wished that she had little friend fish

Down in the deep dark ocean so black
You don’t find many fish, not a worm or a jack.

She swam all around in the darkness of night
Her only comfort being her little head light

When other fish would see her big sharp teeth
They’d swim away with lightening speed

Oh what a sad lonely fish she was
She pondered and wondered and paused

Wait! Was that a new friend she spied in dark?
She turned on her lure with one little spark!

As the darkness grew brighter with her spotlight
She spotted a fish just off to the right

She stayed very still, as still as can be…
She didn’t want her new friend to flee

Oh here he comes towards her bright glowing lure
She knew they’d be friends for sure

Then as he got very close- so very close…
She lunged with excitement and

Oh there once was a lonely anglerfish.
She wished and wished for a little friend fish.

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One thought on “The Lonely Anglerfish

  1. dangrdafne

    Awesome poem. Love it!

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