We’re off to meet some of the birds that live near camp! So let’s get started!


Brown Pelican Facts:

They live in Coastal North America.
They are listed as threatened.
They nest in colonies.
Pelicans dive to get their fish.
They are the only pelican to dive head first for prey.


Sanderling Sandpiper Fun Facts:
They breed in the Arctic.
Sanderlings spend their winter in the south.
They run back & forth with the waves.
They eat worms, mollusks & crustaceans.
They are very territorial.


Herring gulls Fun Facts:
They prefer to drink freshwater- but will drink sea water because they can excrete the salt from nostrils.
Herring gulls have been seen using tools to catch fish (bread as bait).
Herring gulls eat mussels, clams, worms.
They are loud & gregarious.
They are large with pink legs.


Piping Plover Fun Facts:
They are a small shorebird.
They have yellow legs.
They have orange bills with black tips.
They are listed as near threatened.
Piping plovers eat insects and small invertebrates.

These are just some of the our bird friends that live by the sea side! We have some worms to share with them at camp!

Do you have any favorite shore bird friends?

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