Gold Medals for Extra Senses

Gold Medal for Extra Senses

It takes human athletes a lot of work, practice, concentration and focus for them to excel at their sport. Animals often come with built in adaptations to help them excel at survival! Today we’re meeting some gold medal winning animals who have amazing senses!


Some raptors can detect UV light. Urine trails left by their prey such as mice absorbs UV light. So guess what? Some raptors track their prey by the UV light given off by pee trails they leave!


A rats nostrils work independently of each other. They smell in stereo!


 A platypus is the only mammal that has the ability to detect electrical impulses. Those special nerves exist in their bills.


 Pit vipers can also detect the heat given off of their prey or infrared. This allows them to “see” the animal without using their eyes.


Bees have a ring of magnetic iron on their bodies that they use to detect the earth’s magnetic field. This helps guide the bee back to the hive.


Buzzards have such excellent eyesight they can spot a rat from 15,000 feet in the air.


The star-nosed mole has 100,000 touch receptors in the appendages on their nose. That is 6x more than the human hand.

star nosed mole

Octopus have taste receptors on each of its suckers. They can reach out and taste something without leaving the safety of a hiding place.

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