Who’s That Bird?

Who’s That Bird?

We have a fabulous Brazilian bird for you today! If you remember from the other day- Brazil is one of the richest bird habitats in the world. Nearly 2,000 species call Brazil home! Wow! Who knew? It’s a bird’s paradise! Today we’re meeting just one of those spectacular birds! Let’s get to it!


Toco Tucan Fun Facts:

  • Toco toucans live in Central and South America in woodlands, forests and groves.
  • They are omnivores. They eat insects, fruits and frogs.
  • Toco toucans can grow up to 23 inches and weigh up to 1 1/4 lbs.
  • They are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN.
  • Toco toucans are the largest of all toucan species.


  • They have large orange bills with a black spot. The bills can get up to 7 ½” long (about the length of a pencil).
  • Toco Toucan bills are serrated (like a knife) and this helps them grasp and tear fruit.
  • Their large bills also enable the toucan to get fruit from out of reach branches.
  • Toco toucans nest in trees.
  • You can see Toco toucans in small flocks of up to 6 birds.
  • Both female and male toucans incubate the eggs.


Toco Toucans are really pretty birds with their shiny black feathers and large orange beaks! And man does that beak come in handy when you’re trying to get the fruit on the end of the branch! They also have a really cool call. Take a listen here!


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