River Wolf!

River Wolf!








Date: 9/14

Location: Amazon River

  • Giant river otters are highly social- live in family groups of one monogamous pair & offspring.
  • They are very vocal and make many different sounds including, clicks & whistle.
  • Giant river otters recognize each other by white marks on their chests. They pop up out of the water to look for food and other otters. It’s called periscoping!



  • Largest member of the otter family.
  • Giant river otters have webbed feet and a flat wing like tail for swimming.
  • They have dense fur to keep water from getting to it’s skin. That fur is velvet soft.
  • Giant river otters are considered to be apex predators in their habitats.
  • They eat 6-9 lbs of food a day!
  • The can detect changes in water currents & pressure with their whiskers.
  • Baby otters do not know how to swim when they are born. They are taught by their parents.







The Tupi people of Brazil call it the ariranha- meaning water jaguar and n Spanish the name means river wolf.


Wow! What a day we had on the river! In the past three days we spotted pacu, anaconda and today giant river otters! They were an extra special treat, as they are highly endangered and very rare to spot! Conservationists are working hard to protect this special species! We could sit on the boat all day and listen to them chirp and talk to each other!


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