Professor Baxter’s Relatives

Professor Baxter’s Relatives








Date: 10/6

Location: Galapagos Island

  • We blue footed boobies are excellent swimmers and divers. We can dive in to the ocean from as high as 80 feet in the air.
  • We fly over the ocean to find fish to eat. We often hunt in groups.
  • Our name booby comes from the Spanish word bobo meaning “fool or clown”. They were named that because they are so clumsy when walking on land.


  • We get the blue coloration in our feet from the pigments in the fish we eat!
  • We nest on land.
  • They use their bright blue webbed feet to keep their chicks warm.
  • Both parents take care of the chicks.



We had a great time hanging out with Professor Baxter today. It was so fun meeting his relatives. They are quiet the funny lot. As clumsy as they are on land, watching them dive for fish is amazing! They have always been one of our favorite birds and now they are even more so!

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