We’re meeting our last few animals this week before heading home to HQs at the University for the holidays. We wrapped up in our cold weather gear to head out and find the Arctic Fox. These amazing little mammals survive in some of the worst conditions. It’s amazing!








Date: 12/19

Location: Arctic circle

  • Arctic fox have white coats of fur in the winter to help them blend in with snow. In the summer, their coats turn to brown.
  • Arctic fox’s tails are large and bushy. They help them with balance and they help keep them warm on the coldest days of winter.


  • Arctic fox don’t hibernate- despite living in such cold conditions.
  • Arctic fox will gain up to 50% of their body weight in the fall to prepare for winter.
  • They live in dens with complex tunnels that are not deep in the ground.
  • Arctic fox are the only native mammal in Iceland.
  • The arctic fox’s range was much larger during the ice age.







We had a great time watching a few fox around the tundra. These gorgeous little beauties are cunning hunters and scavengers. We are glad we don’t live where they do for sure! It is cold!


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