Going to Kelp Forest

Going to the Kelp Forest



We’re spending the month of January in Monterey, California where we will be exploring the kelp forests just off the coasts. This magnificent habitat is made up of giant algae called kelp. The kelp forests are a diverse habitat that hundreds of species call home. Kelp forests are often compared to rainforests, with a canopy and layers going deeper in the ocean.

Kelp forests fun facts:

  • Giant kelp grows about 10-12 inches a day!
  • Kelp has gas filled bladders along fronds. These help it grow vertical to the surface.
  • Giant kelp can grow up to 175 long.
  • Kelp is flexible and sways in the ocean currents.
  • Kelp does not have roots in the sand,  but it attaches to rocks.
  • Sea urchins can destroy a kelp forest when their populations are out of control.
  • Sea otter wrap kelp around themselves so they do not drift away while sleeping.
  • Many fish and invertebrates call the kelp forest home, including sea stars, garibaldi fish, sharks, anemones and sponges.


We are so excited to meet the animals of this amazing habitat! Are you ready to join us?

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  1. Dangrdafne

    George and Mocha say “Let’s go!”

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