Fishing for an Eagle

Fishing for an Eagle

It’s our last day here in Africa. We head on vacation next week, so new posts til March. We will definitely be coming back! In March we will be heading to the large island just off the coast of Africa- Madagascar. Woohoo! Today we meet a large bird – the African Fishing Eagle.








Date: 2/23

Location: Serengeti

African Fish Eagle Fun Facts:

  • Female African Fish Eagles are larger than the males.
  • They have white heads and bodies and brown/black wings.
  • African fish eagles are known for their loud cry that can be heard around their habitats.


  • They build nests in trees close to the water. The nests grow in size every year.
  • African fish eagles can live up to 24 years in the wild.
  • They are the national bird of Zimbabwe and they appear on Zimbabwe’s flag.








We had a fabulous time in Africa. We are super excited to head to Madagascar in March though! Woohoo!

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One thought on “Fishing for an Eagle

  1. dangrdafne

    Eagles are amazing. Last year in Washington state we watched 5 of them flying around the ocean. They were so elegant.

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