The Infamous Badger

The Infamous Badger

We have spent our day looking for an infamous inhabitant of the Serengeti- the honey badger! These tenacious creatures are the stuff of legends. We learned so much about them!








Date: 2/22

Location: Serengeti

Honey Badger Fun Facts:

  • Another name for the honey badger is the ratel.
  • They have loose thick skin that helps protect them from predators. Even porcupine quills can not penetrate it.
  • Honey badgers live in burrows. They can dig a hiding burrow in a matter of minutes.
  • Honey badgers are intelligent and are known to use tools.


  • They are tenacious and will attack animals much larger than themselves, including lions.
  • Honey badgers have a gland at the base of their tale that releases a foul smelling liquid. It is used to mark their territory and to ward off predators.
  • They partner with honeyguide birds to locate a hive. The birds enjoy the spoils after the honey badger destroys the hive.








We love these nasty, tough critters. They are one of the most fascinating animals we have seen. We sure wouldn’t pick a fight with one!

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One thought on “The Infamous Badger

  1. dangrdafne

    I always wondered where badgers lived. Do we have any in the states?

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