A is for Aardvark

A is for Aardvark

We had a lovely weekend exploring the area on our own. We headed out Sunday night with our ranger to see if we could find one super awesome and odd looking animal- the aardvark. We were so excited to find one snuffling around for eats!


Date: 2/20

Location: Serengeti

Aardvark Fun Facts:

  • Aardvarks are burrowers. They live in large burrows during the day and forage for food at night.
  • They have large claws for digging in to ant and termite mounds. Those claws also help protect them.
  • Aardvarks have long tongues they use to eat their favorite meal. They close their nostrils to avoid dust and getting the insects in their snouts.


  • Aardvarks have a keen sense of hearing with those large ears.
  • They have tough skin with little fur that helps protect them from insect bites.
  • Aardvarks can eat up 50,000 insects a day.
  • Aardvarks have webbed feet.



Aardvarks are funny looking creatures with their large ears, long thick tails, snouts & claws. They are the most fun if you ask us! We can’t help but giggle when we see one! Do you love them as much as we do?

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One thought on “A is for Aardvark

  1. dangrdafne

    Not sure I’d call it love 😉 but I do like Aardvark, if only for saying their name 😉

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