The Parrot with a Crown!

The Parrot with a Crown!

We met a feathered friend in the outback! This shy green bird is not always easy to spot, but we were lucky!

princess parrot2







Date: 2/25

Location: Great Victorian Desert

Princess Parrot Fun Facts:

  • Princess parrots were named after Princess Alexandra of Denmark.
  • They are quiet colorful, with bluish heads, pink throats and blue tails.
  • Males have longer tails and brighter colors than females.


  • They make loud calls.
  • Princes parrots are known to live around 30 years.

princess parrot

We were so excited to find a few of these chatty little birds! They tend to gather in a group for mating and then disappear again!

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One thought on “The Parrot with a Crown!

  1. dangrdafne

    So pretty. Are there queens? 🙂

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