What’s a Bibly?

What’s a Bibly?

We headed out to find one of Australia’s neatest little animals! These crazy looking marsupials are so cool and we couldn’t believe we met one! Are you ready to meet them too?








Date: 4/26

Location: Great Victorian Desert

Greater Bibly Fun Facts:

  • Greater biblies are also known as bandicoots.
  • Bilbies have long snouts, large ears, back legs like a kangaroo and black & white tails! In other words- they are crazy looking!
  • They are nocturnal.


  • Greater biblies are mostly solitary.
  • Their pouches face backward to keep dirt out of it.
  • Greater bilbies do not drink water, they get all the moisture they need from the food they eat.








Bilbies are neat little critters! They are listed as vulnerable though. Again, their populations have dropped from predation from animals such as fox and feral cats. There are great conservation efforts happening to reintroduce bilbies in habitats where they were once gone.

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One thought on “What’s a Bibly?

  1. dangrdafne

    Never heard of them or seen them. Are they related to Crash Bandicoot? That is where I have heard that word. Quite amazing looking.

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