We Call Fowl!

We Call Fowl!

We met our last animal of our visit to the Great Victorian Desert! We will be heading to the coral reefs of the Raja Ampat Islands for the last month of the school year! We can hardly wait! And then- we head off to Camp E & E for the summer- where you are all invited!








Date: 4/27

Location: Great Victorian Desert

Malleefowl Fun Facts:

  • Malleefowl tend to stay on the ground. They only fly when threatened.
  • They are distantly related to chickens.
  • Malleefowl are mostly solitary.
  • Malleefowl can also freeze when they spot a predator, causing them to blend in with their surroundings.
  • Males build large nest mounds on the ground. The building is complicated and it done so the eggs are kept at a constant temperature.
  • Chicks are born in their underground nest and must dig their way out when they hatch. It can take 2-15 hours for the chick to reach the surface.
  • Chicks tend to hatch one at a time and then they do not interact with the adults or their siblings.


We spotted a few of these stout birds and they do indeed stop motionless when they see you! It’s amazing that the little chicks have to survive with no parental help or care!


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One thought on “We Call Fowl!

  1. Dangrdafne

    These birds make me sad. Digging their way out after “birth” then being all on their own? Awwwww

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