Taking Flight at Camp

Taking Flight at Camp!


We are ready to meet our first animal who lives at Camp E&E! This little creature comes out at night, so we were thrilled to spot some after the welcome bonfire! With our bellies full of marshmallows and chocolate we head out to meet the flying squirrels that call the Salamander Woods home.


flying squirrel2

Flying Squirrel Fun Facts:

  • Flying squirrels are small critters- only reaching about a foot in length.
  • Flying squirrels are nocturnal.
  • They do not actually fly- they glide. (Can you name the only flying mammal?)
  • They have a large flap of skip from their wrists to their ankles that acts like a parachute allowing them to glide from branch to branch!
  • Flying squirrels are such excellent flyers they can change direction mid-flight.
  • They have flat tails that they use a rudder.
  • Flying squirrels love to nibble on berries, bark, snails and nuts. They collect nuts for the winter months.
  • They live in groups in holes of trees.

flying squirrel

These little rodents are just so stinking cute! Meeting them on the first night of camp was super special. Many of our campers stayed up in the wee hours talking about these amazing creatures. Who can blame them? Camp is so exciting!

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One thought on “Taking Flight at Camp

  1. dangrdafne

    They are adorable.

    Is the bat the only flying mammal?

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