The Caves at Lake Salamander

The Caves at Lake Salamander

We’re spending this week at camp learning more about the caves just on the other side of the Lake. There are many stories of the ghosts that inhabitant the local caves, but we know they are just the home to some super amazing animals! We are so excited to go exploring and learn more about the caves.


Cave Basics:

  • Caves are underground caverns created by the weathering of rock by water.
  • Water containing chemicals erodes at limestone and other kinds of rock to form the large caverns.
  • Some caves are formed by lava and some are formed by the sea near cliffs.
  • Stalactites are mineral deposits on the ceilings of the cave. You can remember them by saying stalactites hold tight to the ceiling.
  • Stalagmites are formed by the same mineral deposits form pillars on the ground. You can remember them by saying stalagmites push up with all their might.
  • Stalactites and stalagmites grow around an inch every 100 years.
  • Troglobites are animals that live in caves and never leave their cave home.


Caves are so neat! Do you know people who explore caves are called spelunkers? Hehehe! That is an excellent name!

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One thought on “The Caves at Lake Salamander

  1. dangrdafne

    ‘c’ = ceiling or Stalactites

    ‘g’ = ground or Stalagmites

    I love the name spelunkers, it sounds like the noise they would make if the dropped into water in the cave 🙂

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