Whooooo is that in the Woods?

Whooooo is that in the Woods?

We are meeting one last animal here at camp at Lake Salamander. Next month we head to Camp E&E by the Sea! This month has just flown by way too fast too! Maybe we’ll come back for a few weeks in August before school starts! The animals we are meeting tonight, is a big bird and one of course that prefers the night! Let’s hope the Great Horned Owl sings tonight!


Great Horned Owl Fun Facts:

  • Great horned owls have those two fabulous tufts on their heads. Those are not its ears. They are thought to help with camouflage or identify individuals.
  • Their ears are actually on their facial disk and are not symmetrical. The right one is higher than the left. This gives them super hearing and enables them to locate prey that is moving and not in sight!
  • They can catch prey that is larger than themselves, as well as prey as small as scorpions.
  • Great horned owls have powerful talons. They use them to snap the spine of their prey.
  • Females are larger than males.
  • Crows are not the great horned owl’s friend. The owl’s are their top predator, so crows are known to harass them.


We could sit out here all night and listen to these great and powerful predators call to each other. Just give a listen here!

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One thought on “Whooooo is that in the Woods?

  1. dangrdafne

    Owls are very cool.

    I would not have guessed the prey on crows. Very interesting.

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