Craft Time- Sea Star Bean Bags




We are in the craft cabin here at Camp E&E by the Sea and our dear friend Crafty Crab is going to help us with craft time! Today we’re making sea star bean bags for our sea star week! Woot! Woot!










  • Sea Star Pattern
  • Scissors
  • Felt (any color)
  • Hot glue gun (used by an adult)
  • Flax seed or stuffing
  • Funnel
  • Sharpie
  • Pom poms or googly eyes


1)   Cut out pattern.

2)   Cut out two sea stars on felt.

3)   Hot glue the two pieces together, leaving a small opening.

4)   Put the flax seed in the sea star. If you don’t have a funnel, you can easily make one with paper, by rolling it in a cone shape. If you don’t have flax seed or stuffing or small dry beans will work too.

5)   Make sure you don’t overstuff it. Then glue the opening shut.

6)   Glue on the eyes and draw on the mouth.


You’re done! Toss your sea star, use him as a paper weight, or just give him a hug!





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One thought on “Craft Time- Sea Star Bean Bags

  1. dangrdafne

    Soooo adorable!!

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